ANRA is your partner in seamless medical care and our vision is to pave the path for a state-of-the-art wellness journey.

ANRA provides concierge medical care, health education and lifestyle coaching to help you live your best life.

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Welcome to ANRA HEALTH

ANRA is a members only medical concierge service that provides personalized care to support your healthcare needs. We take a deep dive into your health through comprehensive physical examinations and specialized testing. This allows medical experts to facilitate an individualized care journey.

How We Support Members

Emergency Care

We provide triage services and coordination of care for medical emergencies.

Everyday Care

We can take care of all your medical needs and treat conditions from a wide-spectrum.We provide flexible access to a wide range of specialists.

Travel Care

We provide coordination of medical care while travelling within or outside of Canada.

Home Care

We provide concierge house calls for routine check-up, blood work and much more.

Telehealth Care

We connect you with medical professionals online for all your telemedicine needs.

Diagnostic Care

We provide flexible and expedited access to diagnostic services and advanced testing.

Innovative Health

We are setting new standards for quality care.

Expert care alongside exceptional service in the comfort of your home.

ANRA helps you live a vibrant life, resolve health issues and avail the best medical facilities